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The John Bedini Circuit and technology
John Bedini an inventor with his world sharing and helping man-kind attitude is a character who is proving his love for his neighbor, but seldom seen among us nowadays. He is openly offering his patented technology to the public for free and is warning and referring to the hard times ahead. I am offering my help to you for a similar reason by revealing prophesy text and spiritual knowledge, which has been hidden from us. Also, I am sharing some pages of my own skills/gifts along with what I have learned so far as a searcher concerning the Bedini SG technology, by a work shop. This knowledge might come in very handy once the big catastrophe has hit, especially to the ones who are interested or have trouble following. Also I am hoping to get your attention to the Lord's important divine writings on this web site, trusting that you will read them and listen to the prophesy and warnings. Thus having read them, a great everlasting reward can be the result, and perhaps you will prepare yourself for these hard times, which will soon come to pass without fail. Having read these pages, will then be of great comfort and understanding, now knowing the reason why our God is allowing such an incredible grand globe-destruction to occur shortly. click----> B.D. 3258, B.D. 3135, B.D. 8033. Why do I know this for so certain?
I know my Savior by having been miraculously saved  from death more than once. He physically answered my call for help in urgent need, which is a direct result of my faith in Him since my child hood. Hence I know that He and His Word is alive and 100% reality.
 B.D. 3209. You might not accept this writings now B.D. 4116, but some day, perhaps eons will pass until, you too, will see through the deceptions of the opponent and will get tired of the continuous experiencing pain caused by following his error with the result you also accepting the Savior. Thus is why the Lord said, "Every knee shall bow". Everlasting life can not be found through the intellect/head knowledge of man, instead, it can be found through the humble loving heart with the help of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


B.D. 4677.
Do you know what your fundamental purpose is for living here on this earth?
Life's purpose
is because of your Ur-sin committed long ago and the wisdom is to make up your mind with your free will for the growth of your soul to again enter God's kingdom by accepting the Savior . Do you know, that by continual rejection  of the Savior Jesus Christ,  you are missing the most important reason of your stay here and that your soul will show no growth; that it is therefore blinded by all spiritual light and will suffer greatly after laying down your material remnant on your last day! B.D. 2348 No matter who you are, having lived a life in worldly/material idle, according your free will, without accepting the sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ on the cross for all mankind.... a choice you will some day deeply regret …. Because of your life style your soul will not be able to bear the power of the LIGHT. Hence you will not be able to live the bliss of the heavenly LIGHT and everlasting joy. You should also know, that it is your physical body which ceases to exist after your death, but your main existence, which is your soul, will live on forever, be it in continuing agony and torment or delightful spiritual bliss in the presence of our SAVIOR WHO IS THE LIGHT.... It is up to you!! B.D. 8258,  B.D. 8624.


Our God has explained His truth again in all the writings of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde. Lorber’s main theme is the New Gospel of John, whereas Dudde’s writings are very explicit about everything concerning us and the end times.


This prophecy of the 1950’s early 60’s by Bertha Dudde of the Creator’s grand intervention, is about our GOD placing a stop to the world order of the elite: B.D. 3371"....
I will bring about the end and certainly, by that, punish the guilty ones severely, for in their assumption of sure victory they see themselves deceived, they see themselves weakened and without success and are confronted by a great misery and great poverty,..."



B.D. 1544  

LLaws against God’s laws….Eradicating of them

The unscrupulous actions and dealings of the ones that do not recognize God will bring about detrimental consequences. Their endeavors are for total separation from what heretofore destined all actions and thoughts. They won’t recognize the laws which are based on the faith in God and in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior. They create their own laws and all is accepted which will suit the purpose…. not considering whether or not it is corresponding to the commandment of the Christ like love for the neighbor. And thus the commandment of love is eradicated, and under the cover of selflessness, decrees are ordered resulting in serious consequences in so far as man is loosing contact with God because man is starting to doubt His righteousness. Although God grants man the right for free choice over what is earthly, as long as what is of God is not touched, as long as God’s doctrine which is a witness of Him, His almightiness, love and wisdom, is not attacked and is not diminishing all faith in God. For the faith and forthcoming trust in God will help to overcome it all, the hardship man is burdened with and are necessary destinies which admittedly render sorrowful earthly, but not being yet the countermeasures of God. But as soon the faith in God is destroyed by force, as soon as the doctrine of Christ is intended to be eradicated is man’s freedom of will in two ways abused in a terrible one way and raped in the other, for it is this the most serious violation against God, to eradicate as untrue and worthless what He Himself gave us and at the same time and also to outlaw or dictate what their own will would affirm or must negate, an equal violation against the fellow man. Therefore all will lade themselves upon with judgments who have arranged anything worthless in order to rob man of the truthful doctrine of God which Jesus Christ had taught, for the result of it is a spiritual falling off of unimaginable dimensions. The meaning of this is a spiritual chaos which irrevocably necessitates the intervention of God if He does not want to let mankind fall into everlasting decline. For men’s decreed commandment/laws are set against God’s order, its outcome is destructive, certainly not constructive…. Neither faith in God nor the fulfillment of His commandment is their basic positions, hence they don’t correspond according to God’s will….and all what openly opposes God will be destroyed….



Not just the controllers but the ungodly behavior of man in general, all churchgoers included, showing them that JESUS is LORD. Read this next chapter and you will realize that you are not as good or even holy as you might have thought you were:


There are very few true believers. Who is a true believer? One who is honestly searching self while admitting one’s own shortcoming and trying to correct one's own wrong while loving the neighbor with the help of Jesus Christ the Son of God B.D. 3661. Read B.D. 5967(below) referring to the act of procreation. I say: Show me the persons who will admit that their own thinking is wrong concerning the next quote, or believe that the next quote of our Lord is true, marriage is no exception. I can assure you that there will be very few admitting to this following quote: “The satisfaction of the senses without the will to bring forth life is not an act of divine Love, but it is the sinful and perverted self-love, stimulated and influenced by the opponent, which draws man downward and drives him entirely into the opponent’s power.” This is piercing the bull’s-eye and it goes deep. All I have to look is at my own hard fight and struggle, for my own correction of the past and future. It is this truth knowledge I fight with. That is why any truth-fight is worthless without the power, knowledge, wisdom and love of Jesus behind it. With other words, we can only grow spiritually if we are totally honest with ourselves. One must not only agree to the partial, but believe everything our God teaches and must try to live it all. Since our Creator has given us total freedom of choice He will not interfere; It is therefore up to every individual to choose by their own free will for correction through honesty about self and faith in Him, the Savior. We might not be able to accomplish it at the time, except by agreeing and wanting to correct self.  WE will then give Jesus the right to interfere with His Power against the opponents powerful wrong influence, thence He can help us in our climb and struggle upwards for the light.

Through Bertha Dudde’s writings, there are over 9000 B.D.  chapters in the German language and about 500 in  English, found in the revelation pages of this site or approx. 950+ translations available to your downloading covenience at: (If you have trouble with any of my URL links, copy-paste them to   in your browser's Address bar)



Our God, states very clearly of the original Ur-sin B.D. 8806,B.D. 9005, why the earth no longer serves its purpose, enhancing spiritual growth to man; of the negative behavior of man in general  towards the Savior. Why man on this earth therefore no longer is justified to live on it, that our generation is the last one and that we will experience a huge catastrophe B.D. NO. 4940. This very intervention, by which this whole planet will be shaken, will be happening very soon. It will cause a great change....mountains will appear where others will disappear, the direction of waterways will differ, whole cities, hydro-dams, roads and bridges will be gone. In fact, the main area of the catastrophe will be all dead and poisoned and there will be an eerie silence all through the land affected. Countless people will die, whereas the ones left behind having to go back to the very grass roots of living like never before on this planet B.D. 3737, B.D 7052. This big event has been foretold for a very long time. You don’t have to look very far, just open a New American Standard Bible to: Revelation 8 verse 10…”...and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters.”B.D. 7405  B.D. 6324,  B.D. 4661

With other words this star will be huge, which brings me to the passage where the Lord states that this globe shall experience a quaking, hence you can well imagine how grand this catastrophe will be, consider especially how fragile the +  -   50km earth crust is re: edges of shelves and  places like coast line faults. Think carefully about and what it would take  to shake this whole globe-earth, even  if you are not willing to believe in this event at all. It is therefore quite fair to accept that the star has to be of such immense size, that it will not just penetrate the earth crust, but will blow a hole right through the solid terra, exposing and liberating a multitude of powers in captivation heretofore shackled for millenniums, just waiting to be released. The Mount Helen explosion (USA) was but a tiny demonstrator of the immense force which is held within by the will of God. Don't think that the
consequences  of the crash will trigger only local devastation, but prepare yourself for a global landscape destruction. B.D. 8949




You are approaching the end.... And therefore I reveal Myself to you so as not to leave you in ignorance of what this end will mean for you. I reveal Myself so that you will prepare yourselves, so that you will live in the right way and need not fear an end.

You humans don't believe in an end and reject all admonitions and warnings which you receive on account of My revelations…. You ridicule and laugh at those who proclaim the near end to you, you deem yourselves knowledgeable and feel superior to the knowledge which is imparted to a person in an unusual way. You are spiritually blind and unable to see anything, and yet you don't believe those who have vision and therefore tell you in which hour you live…. And it will be as in the time of Noah when I also announced the near judgment to people and found no belief, when the proclaimers of the judgment only reaped scorn and ridicule until the day arrived when My proclamations came to pass, until the day arrived when the scorners fell prey to the judgment….

 And once again it will be like this, again the Judgment has been announced a long time in advance, and it will be proclaimed time and time again, yet the last day for this earth and all its inhabitants will come suddenly and unexpectedly, for My Word is truth and it will come true when the time is right. But who believes that people live in the midst of this time, that they will only have a short time left until the end…. Who believes that they are facing a change for the worse, something which no-one on this earth has ever experienced?.... Who allows himself to be impressed by divine revelations, by predictions concerning the near end? Which one of you humans is consciously expecting the end and preparing himself for it?


There are only a few who believe that which was proclaimed by seers and prophets, and these few only reap scorn and ridicule if they profess their belief in it and also try to inform their fellow human beings…. few people listen to My voice and live their life such that they are not afraid of the end but rather feel pleased in view of the blissful time which will follow the end of this earth. However, I want to increase their number, I would like many more to realize that the time has been fulfilled…. I also would like to reveal Myself to those who are without knowledge…. Yet their will is defying Me and I will not compel anyone…. Therefore I content Myself with those who believe My Words and stand up for them, and I will grant them great power of speech.... I will let them speak in My place and although they, too, will have little success, although their words, too, will not be taken seriously, the world will nevertheless take notice of the proclamations of the near end….


There will be no shortage of indications and all over the world an end will be spoken of, but it will only ever affect a few such that they will believe and prepare themselves for it. And I will support those who have accepted the task of spreading enlightenment. I will bless all efforts which aim to distribute that which is conveyed to you humans in the form of revelations…. And the information of the forthcoming end will reach far and wide…. However, My revelations will prove themselves to be true faster than you suspect.  For people will experience days of terror and thereby the truth of My Word will be pointed out to them…. And then they will still have sufficient time to prepare themselves for the end which irrevocably will follow these days of terror within a very short time….


And regardless of whether you, who spread My revelations, find credence or not…. don't stop proclaiming the forthcoming event; warn and admonish your fellow human beings and convey My revelations to them…. Proclaim to them the imminent Judgment which will affect everyone, even if they don't believe your words….


B.D. 6023



If you cannot belief these truths now, you will remember having red them, once the big catastrophe is all happening and
accept it as proof that the end is near with the same certainty and in line with my present warnings, if you survive it that is. But know this: While your soul is continually being denied access to the spiritual realm by your material body and intellect, by taking the side of the opponent and indifference towards God ‘til the End-Hour has struck which is the last judgment, B.D. 7596, B.D.8071 you will neither have the time nor the state of mind to give your life to Jesus Christ. He is the only atonement through whom man can find compensation for their Ur-sin committed long ago. I always felt that inherited sin, instead of original sin, was erroneous teaching, because it never made sense to me. The church leaders neglected to teach us, that we where once light beings made in the image of God, and that long ago we revolted against the Very-Power who created us, following Lucifer/Satan’s cunning into the abyss by our own free will. B.D. 5612 We are all fallen angels, and thus lost the bliss of our Ur existence, which we can gain back now, after a long journey, a long time in captivity and suffering, by accepting the Lord Jesus as our Savior. B.D. NR. 6087(German language) 6973 (G l.) and (7136  a few chapters cut short below)

GOD HIMSELF reveals to us the events of the past and future.
Received in a prophetic way and written down in accordance with the promise of John’s Gospel 14:21 by Bertha Dudde
“He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me; and he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I will love him, and will disclose Myself to him.” John 14:21


B.D.7136   Jun 1, 1958

Ur-sin and significance of the Redemption-Work

And so I will always remind you that I died for you on the cross. I will remind all you people on Earth and all unredeemed souls in the beyond. I will bring it again and again to their remembrance. I must inform you about it if you are yet unaware of it, because you must not remain ignorant if you should ever want to reach Blissfulness.

Of what use is it to humanity to know about the "Man Jesus" who ended his earthly existence with the death on the cross, if you ignore the spiritual meaning of his death on the cross and the mission that Jesus accomplished for the sake of the sinners?

And even if it will be told to you: He redeemed humanity from sin - you will not find any connection; only words whose meaning you don't understand remain with you.

And as long as you do not know the purpose of man's existence on this Earth, you will not be able to understand why mankind is called sinful - even though none of you are free of sin. But the real importance of the Redemption- Work through Jesus Christ will become obvious when you know about the ur-sin, which is the cause of your pilgrimage on Earth. ………..for continuation of this text click B.D. Nr. 7136 or go to: click----->
Downloads, under “Wählen Sie zum Download aus… click -----> Kundgaben-Revelations in English translation   0,86MG


B.D. Nr. 4940  21.7.1950


An enormous event will precede the last end that is bound to make people who survive it think.  It will be an omen of the end, a devastation on a small scale in comparison to the last work of surface annihilation of this earth, yet of such an extent, mankind has not experienced yet from the beginning of this earth.  It is a natural happening that will throw all people who are affected by it or hear of it into turmoil, for the consequences of the incidents are too enormous as to go unnoticed.  There will be created so-called dead-earth sections that show no life at all because the transpiration of the earth on those spots chokes out every life.  There will be a visible influence of natural forces noticed so that this phenomenon will not be traceable back to human influence because I want to reveal Myself by means of the occurrence in order to substantiate the near end, which is continuously announced by seers and prophets on My behalf.

Renewed sorrow is imminent to people and they cannot be spared of this sorrow as long as they still pay their tribute to the world and pay their respect to Me just on-the-way-by.  They need to search for Me……………………..for continuation of this text click the link above or go to: click-----> Downloads, under “Wählen Sie zum Download aus… click -----> Kundgaben-Revelations in English translation   0,86MG


B.D. Nr. 6313   16.7.1955


Very soon it will be a reality that something is going on in cosmos, for unusual occurrences will cause you to worry, because you humans won’t be able to give any explanations about it. Many presumptions will appear, many opinions will hit opposing opinions, but only the opinions of the ones will come near the truth who are suspecting a connection with the announcements by the Word and Scriptures, which was told to man by mystics, seers and prophets all down the ages….

The one that sees with spiritual eyes can explain to himself all happenings, for everything has spiritual sense and shall fulfill a spiritual purpose: to draw attention to man’s purpose for life, that they prepare themselves for the near judgement….and also science will contribute to it, for they will be the first to realize the unusual changes in nature of the occurrences in cosmos, to which they react in wonderment and suspicions, also of significant appearances, to which they will fall short of explanations. Their sightings will fill them with astonishment, but they will refuse to admit and accept the only true solution, that the earth will tremor, and for what cause the appearances could be.

They do not want to believe it and will therefore always talk against it, as scripture and old prophesy will be pointed out to them, as they hear the believers opinions or the proclamations of My Word with the announcement about the near end …................for continuation of this text click link above or go to:  click-----> Downloads, under “Wählen Sie zum Download aus… click -----> Kundgaben-Revelations in English translation   0,86MG


B.D. Nr. 1473   ; bsp; ;&nb      15.6.1940


The greatness of the Almighty One shall become evident in a time where the natural elements rage and cause unspeakable damage.  That’s when the hour has come where the spiritual decline of man will blatantly come to light for nothing will remind them of God, nothing will be able to move them to prayer for their faith into a God has been lost and thus they don’t call upon Him when in need.  Mankind therefore cannot be left on the earth any longer for man does not remember of the actual earthly purpose of life and only helps to destroy the faith of the few not-quite-estranged-from-God's people and, likewise, to cause them to leave God.  But the love of God prevents them from getting harmed and therefore, forcibly terminates the lives of those who are out to endanger the souls.  And there will be a great distress when the raging of the elements starts.  It will be like a storm about to destroy everything; people won’t be able to oppose it because they are like weak stems that are snapped by the storm.  They will want to flee but won’t be able to flee from the elements; without God’s help every resistance will be too feeble.  Yet an intimate call to God will captivate the power of the elements and whoever entrusts oneself to God in this misery will be saved.  But God will thus be close to you in this trouble.  He will affect everyone’s thoughts and offer you His hand the last time so that you may grasp it and let yourselves be saved.  But He cannot force your will…………………..for continuation of this text click link above or go to;:  click-----> Downloads, under “Wählen Sie zum Download aus… click -----> Kundgaben-Revelations in English translation   0,86MG



Says the Lord Jesus in B.D. Nr. 7062..ANNOUNCING THE FORERUNNER OF JESUS.
....Thus, the church, which I Myself once established, the so-called 'first church', soon became a caricature of what it had originally been. And My pure doctrine had to undergo countless changes, and that which exists today can no longer claim to be the pure truth.... and in B.D. Nr. 8872 You'll reed:  ….I will guide you into truth' ...for I knew that also My Word which I brought you Myself would not remain pure. This will always be so due to human imperfection and the purely 'intellectual' approach to it. Therefore, I have kept conveying My pure Word from 'above' to the earth and it has always been again spoilt.
You have no guarantee that the 'Book of Books' is safe from such changes, for I do not interfere with the free will of men and can protect a broadcaster of My Word only if he gives himself into My keeping and asks Me to protect him from error….

Or in B.D. Nr.8054
You'll find: 
How misguided you are to assume that with the Scriptures, the Book of the Fathers, My Word has come to an end… that I Myself have set a limit in so far as that I now do not communicate anymore, that I do not speak to people any longer… Who gives you the authority to make such an assumption?.... Who will deny Me to speak time and again as Father to My children? Who gives you the right to make the assertion that the Bible is sufficient on its own, that you humans need no other Word?....
Those of you who reject every new revelation are still confined in the darkness of spirit.… And in this darkness you will not understand the Bible either, thus it is still a closed book for you because you do not understand the spiritual meaning of the letters, or you would also find the references concerning My continuous revelations in this book and the working of My spirit would be comprehensible to you.… But as long as your spirit is still unenlightened you cannot grasp the meaning of the Word which I Myself spoke to My disciples while I lived on earth.… You humans would be unfortunate if you had to content yourselves with a book which can no longer be checked by you yourselves for changes in its contents.… if you were not repeatedly offered the pure truth from above as a guiding principle as to whether you yourselves are living in truth.…

If your spirit truly seeks truth and you have any knowledge
at all of the behaviour of the past church leaders and bible scholars, then you will whole heartedly agree with the above! You'll find a similar parallel also in B.D. Nr. 2221. Take note that I didn't say don't believe in the bible!! The gospel of John always was my favoured and still is, since the name of the Lord Jesus is therein clearly uplifted with the explanation about what He has done for us, who He is to us and mainly, who we are to HIM! But read on and see what our God has to say about the church leaders and their added church laws/commandments.

....The infallibility of the head of the church is a distorted image of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit....

B.D. 1514  11.7.1940

Infallibility.... Ecclesiastical commandments....


You place too much significance on the infallibility of the head of your church, and yet you are hugely misguided. It was not God's will that His church should be arbitrarily formed by people and in accordance with people's will. Everything right and proper to maintain and spread, His teaching was given by Jesus Christ Himself on earth to his disciples. He made the distribution of His teaching conditional on the individual's will to accept it or not. His gave precise guidelines which applied to everyone who wanted to accept His teaching. These consist of the promises which were made on condition that people comply with the requirements of the Lord's teachings.

He always respected the free will of the human being. The human being should make his decision voluntarily and without external pressure and thus fulfill God's will. And to these people He promised eternal life.... Thus He only requires faith in Him and His Word when He says `I Am the way, the truth and the life.... I Am the means, the law and the fulfillment.... anyone who believes in Me will have eternal live....'. His love wants to give something unimaginably wonderful.... eternal life. And for this He only requires people's faith and their will. However, it is not His will to burden humanity, who is already living in a constrained state on earth, with new sins.... The restraints of someone who truly believes in Jesus and His Word will be loosened, however, someone who does not believe is already punished enough by his constrained state because he has to remain in it for an eternity. Anyone who disregards the Ten Commandments given to people by God Himself, anyone who defies them, commits a sin, i.e. he disobeys God Who is love, because he disobeys the commandment of love. He does nothing to liberate himself from his state, instead he does everything to make it worse. Fulfilling these commandments is the only means of release, while infringing against them is the very opposite.

The dogma of infallibility, however, became a new lawgiver for people in as much as the God-given Ten Commandments were increased by several more, so that the new ecclesiastical commandments more or less were added to God's commandments and failure to comply with these laws was considered to be as sinful as acting in opposition to the God-given commandments. And this error has an appalling effect. Therefore people now burden themselves with entirely irrelevant yet duty-bound actions which are quite unrelated to the commandment of love for God and their neighbor. And now they only focus their whole attention on keeping these ecclesiastical commandments and on releasing themselves from presumed sins.... Thus the sum total of their soul's task consists of complying with commandments decreed by people or to do penance for the guilt of the alleged infringement. And the soul's dreadful bondage, which can only be resolved by love, is ignored by them....

If these commandments had been necessary, truly, the Lord Himself would have given and preached the fulfillment of these to His disciples on earth first.... Thus people tried to improve Christ's teaching arbitrarily and did not hesitate to give themselves divine approval for it. By deeming themselves to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit while still in a state far removed from it, they now decreed laws which could not be in accordance with God's will. These laws considerably reduced people's sense of responsibility for the God-given commandments due to the fact that the newly decreed commandments were now given the greatest attention, to an extent that humanity now observes them purely automatically and believes that it follows Christ's teaching when it fulfills its imposed duty.

The truly enlightened human being is chosen by God to put a stop to this deplorable state of affairs, i.e. to reveal it. However, God can never have enlightened those who had decreed or approved such commandments. The infallibility of the head of the church is a distorted image of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Anyone inspired by the Holy Spirit will always have recognized the error of this set of laws but worldly-ecclesiastical power prevented them from correcting this momentous error. For these commandments did not come forth from the spirit of love.... Lawmakers had little interest in reducing the work for the struggling souls to achieve their final release. Rather, their motive for establishing these commandments was a craving for increased power and the will to lead people into a certain state of dependence, since at the same time the failure to observe the commandments was deemed to be a grave sin. True servants of God have always recognized this deplorable state and have wanted to confront it but the teaching of infallibility of the head of church is already too deep-rooted that it could be easily removed. And only someone looking for pure truth and asking God Himself for the truth and the spirit of inner enlightenment will be able to liberate himself from it....




The proper explanation of inherited sin:

B.D. 5967
      28th of May, 1954


Questions I know do arise in you again and again, which you would like to have answered. I can enlighten you when you search for union with Me. As an example, after you have had a heartfelt prayer, the emerging thoughts from the prayer may be considered My reply to you as long as you are not addressed directly by Me through the voice of the spirit. Your desire and your call to Me assures you that you are thinking correctly, but without Me you cannot recognize the truth; without Me your searching for enlightenment is in vain; without Me you may be filled with erroneous thoughts which come from below   .... because you disregard Me -  the giver of truth.

And so I say the following. Only figurative enlightenment is given you as long as you are not perfect. At no time could you understand the bottomless depth of My divine wisdom. Never could you understand the motives for My actions and operations, because your imperfection means a lack of power of recognition, and therefore you cannot find any explanation within the realm of your "intelligence". But you can receive it with the speed of lightning as soon as you receive the flood of My Love-Light in the spiritual realm.

On earth you must get enlightenment by seeing because it can only be explained to you through events which take place in My creations corresponding to your ability of comprehension. And so, too, can the spiritual happenings in the heart of the first humans be made understandable only by earthly happenings. However, these are but weak comparisons precisely because you are still weak in spirit.

You are bound through "laws of nature" because the total freedom that you had forfeited through your former apostasy must again be deserved through your earthly life.

I chose to limit the will of the first human beings because I wanted them to know that they were subject to a "power" , and that they should voluntarily submit themselves to this power in order to receive their ultimate freedom as a present.

Once upon a time man did not wish to recognize Me, and that was the first sin, the revolt against Me, from Whom they came. Only acceptance in free will could cancel this first sin. I wanted to obtain this acknowledgment of Myself as I made the entire creations to arise.

Therefore, the first people were endowed in such a way that they could recognize Me, but they were not forced to do so. And, therefore, was the free will obliged to decide and should test itself against temptation.

The eyes of men were compelled to look at things they desire, with both a prohibition and an enticement, which simultaneously would call for a decision of the will. It was understood that the enticement was connected with a promise which they were supposed to resist.

The commandment and the temptation were issued from two sides, and men were to decide: either to return to Me so that what I created will reach the aim, or they remain with My adversary and fall down again into the abyss. Therefore, man had to have within him the desire and the possibility to overcome it in order to reach for a far higher goal .... the eternal bliss with Me which surpasses a thousand fold the fulfillment of earthly desire.

To win the return of the apostate spirits brought about a wrestling match between Me and My opponent. He also had to have the possibility of influencing the will of these beings. Only he proffered delusive values and false happiness, so that man should lose true happiness and a blissful life in eternity.

I knew about this seduction and therefore gave the first people a commandment and at the same time a warning about the eternal death. And this warning should have been sufficient to eliminate every desire in men so that they would not lose their lives.

My adversary convinced them contrary to My warning   ... he promised them the life. They recognized me as the highest power indeed, but, not withstanding, followed the lie and thereby brought death into the world.

But what was it that made their desire so irresistible that they succumbed to it? They had lived a blessed life in paradise; they had been masters of everything created. Everything was under their will and they were happy in the full possession of their force and might. The first created people were tied together through heartfelt love, and through this love they could have redeemed themselves from the shackles of My opponent. And as long as this love was directed towards me and not towards him, there was no danger that they would fail in their will-trial.

But My opponent knew how to mislead this love. He reversed it to "I-love" by giving them false promises, and so kindled their desire to achieve blissfulness for themselves. Their love changed to a craving one, a selfish one, and a low love, and it was that they surrendered themselves to the power of that one, from whom they should have delivered themselves. And they would have been able to do so if they had placed My commandment higher than their desires.

You must understand that the time for Me to bless the first human couple had not yet come. Therefore they became sinful. Nothing is sinful that adapts to My creation plan; nothing can be a sin that happens according to the lawful order. And never can the occurrence of procreation be against the order of God's will.

The satisfaction of the senses without the will to bring forth life is not an act of divine Love, but it is the sinful and perverted self-love, stimulated and influenced by my Opponent, which draws man downward and drives him entirely into My opponent's power. The first humans were victims of this false love. And this false love was their sin that reminded them of the Ur- sin of arrogance which did not wish to give itself away, but only wanted to possess everything. This false love was the inheritance of its progenitor -- of Satan -- and had nothing in common with Godly-Love.

Divine Love rests in your heart as a spark that can be lit to glow to the highest light, but the aim of My opponent was and is, to pervert this spark of Love; and he has succeeded in it.

The pure Godliness was soiled and transformed into the love of the "I" that no longer deserves to be called "love". It can only be named greediness, selfishness and self-love, which is everything that my opponent asks of you. And so the act of procreation became also a medium of My adversary, which turned innumerable souls to him. This would never have been possible if the act of procreation had happened under My blessing, where the divine Love of giving and blessing would have crowned it with the origin of a new life.

 <>The "fall of man" therefore consisted of the abandonment of the pure, divine Love for the un-pure, selfish love. The divine spark in man was extinguished through satanic influence and lit a fire which destroyed everything noble and pure. Senses were inflamed and desire brought to raging heights that did in no way correspond to My act of creation. But this could not be prevented because it still lies within the will of the individual person to resist Satan's temptations.

The fall of man was therefore not the act of procreation, but the sinful and perverted love, stimulated in free will and influenced by Satan. The procreation act of God was pulled down to a play of unclean spirits.

My adversary was given access to an act where I Myself wanted to be present with My blessing to mankind; to strengthen in them the pure, divine Love so that this Love should flow also over into the newly begotten being. And so a new mankind would have arisen that would have found the way back to Me in evermore shining light, without suffering and pain; and would have recognized Me and would have redeemed itself in a short time through My love -- because where love radiates I can be recognized.


The first human beings would have been able to pass this will-test. However, as I wrestled with My opponent for man's soul, I could not prevent him from using his means to become victorious inasmuch as the return of My creatures to Me in entirely free will was in question. The free will failed. Therefore was a destiny laid down for the entire humanity from which it could not be freed by itself, not until a man in pure and divine Love accomplished the work that made the whole human race free from sin, and opened the way towards heaven.

Because Love is victorious and will not rest until the last apostate has found the way back to Me.   B.D. 3204,    B.D. 5235


In the name of the Lord Jesus: I have often wondered why negative strife in my own live was so dominant even though my faith in the Savior was always very strong. I found my answer in the following Word: My adversary was given access to an act where I Myself wanted to be present with My blessing to mankind; to strengthen in them the pure, divine Love so that this Love should flow also over into the newly begotten being. And so a new mankind would have arisen that would have found the way back to Me in evermore shining light, without suffering and pain; and would have recognized Me and would have redeemed itself in a short time through My love. If my mother and father would have had the spiritual love and insight asking Jesus for his presence and blessing at the time of the act of procreation, it would have never been possible for satan to have such power in my life to influence my body and thinking, the way he did. With influencing my body I'm referring to the procreation act where all kinds of evil spirits are invited in such a setting of lust, thus the reason for the many afflictions lining my earlier life. So if your children are going all haywire do not blame them, but blame yourself!!!



If  you find your life and self in a harsh and trying state, do not allow circumstances to change your mind or affection away from Jesus. You must know that you are in this very position because your Saviour allows it for the wellbeing of your soul, since He alone knows how much suffering every individual has to go through in order to pull self away from material matter and the opponent, you must lay all trust into Him. Just like a truly loving father knows how much he has to discipline his child in order for the child to listen to the father's guidance. You would rejoice within if you would know the very benefit suffering has on your soul  and would know of the love your Saviour has for you while you are hurting and patiently enduring it searching in your faith looking to Him!   B.D. 6987.B.D. 8593.


B.D. Nr. 2302 &nbs;&&   14.4.1942


Every human who is representing a point of view is assuming to have a firm insight, which he acquired intellectually; although this point of view does not always have to pertain to truth. God has given man common sense and a free will; He also gave him a heart.... As long the intellect without the heart is attempting to find a solution to a spiritual question, it will hardly come close to truth, for the truth originates of God, hence it can only be received by the Spirit not by the body which is matter/subject. Intellectual rational thinking is but a function of the body.... whereas the heart is the centre of all the feelings and emotions, the heart contains also the Divine love spark and herewith the Spirit which is part of God. A thought which is born in the heart is originating with the Divine Spirit spark and therefore will always have claim for truthfulness, for the Spirit conveys only purest truth.... It is depending on the heart's capability of love and whether the thought is born of the heart or is merely a product of rational intellectual thinking. As deeper man is capable of inciting love, meaning the striving for joining together with God through works of love, as clearer the thoughts will immerge from the heart and coming to awareness of man. For this thoughts are Spiritual power, which are pouring out of beings that are joined with God and pouring into the hearts that are likewise joined with God through deeds of love. While the intellectual thinking is only a function of the physical organ, meaning a using of man given strength of life, wherefrom the human also can be benefiting who lives along without love and whose heart  is hardly capable of love.  Thence Intellectual rational thinking must be separated from the thinking of the heart. The former will always reveal truth, while the thinking by the mind doesn’t necessarily have to be truth, even though it is spoken with well developed intellectual reasoning. Only love is crucial, implying as most important for the truth. Man is not informed enough over the nature of thought, which is the reason he does not comprehend this difference. The thought born of the heart has only one thing in common with the intellectual reasoning, that it too has to be lead to the brain in order to get to man's awareness, which is leading to man's assumption that all thought is achieved by intellectual reasoning originating in the brain. Although the value of thought of a loving human whose life is filled with loving deeds is to be measured totally different compared to the pure intellectual thinking of a human who is hardly capable of love. The former will get close to truth whereas the latter will show no guarantee for truth and knowledge. Truth originates in God alone and He only administers it to the ones who acknowledge Him, desire Him and who express that desire through deeds of love.  Consequently what is flowing out of a loving heart can be considered without doubt as truth, because such thoughts are subject to a certain control by spiritual beings filled with knowledge and charge to administer thoughts,  to which they therefore watch over conscientiously making sure that man is standing in the correct thinking. Through deeds of love man earns the right and claim for support of the light beings who now protect man from thoughts that contradict truth....



My dear friends, I can speak for myself only... I will never give up my fight for the Truth, no matter how tough it will get, even if I have to lay down my material temporal body. Jesus did it for me so I am willing to do it for Him , but firstly, it will have to be His will!!! Secondly, it will have to be in His plan, which is not very likely the case according to His messages regarding the end/now times which we are in now. All we have to do is keep asking for His help. His Answer keeps flowing to us if we are willing with steady and unstoppable  forward stride looking to Him:

Fateful is the battle for spiritual supremacy which will flare up to an extent not experienced by the world before. Evil spirits want to forcefully displace the virtuous ones and this is indeed a course of action which divine love no longer wants to watch passively and decisively will end the battle itself. All attempts aim to cause the spiritual aspirants such severe difficulties that they discontinue their striving, that they turn towards the world so that the world can then claim victory, so to speak........


Harshest measures will be taken for no reason at all against those who in their heart still believe in God and the divine Saviour, by attempting to make their lives unbearable.  For they are superior to the unbelievers and scorners and can contradict every contention, and since God wants to use these willing people who are exposed to the particular onslaught by the worldly power during the coming time, He will not permit that His servants shall be tormented to the point that they will surrender their faith… on the contrary, He will endow them with great strength and reinforce their faith, and they, for their part, will now enter the battle, they will fight for the name of God and both camps will find their supporters..... Read on in B.D. 2301 of BATTLE FOR SPIRITUAL SUPREMACY.


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Very few people know that from 1937 to 1964 God, who came into flesh in Jesus Christ, gave us most extended teachings in regard to the Creation of man, the reason and purpose of life on earth, the origin of the evil, the fall of man, redemption and His salvation plan for all fallen ones.  

He also reveals the events to take place before the end, all   according to scripture including the appearance of the Antichrist   and the Forerunner of GOD, the persecution of His people, the ascension of those in front of the persecutors and the end of man at the end of this first redemption period, the new earth and the beginning of a new period on earth with those that had been   ascended.  

This and much more was revealed by Jesus Christ Himself to a seamstress He choose, namely the German Bertha Dudde who dedicated the last 27 years of her life in the service of our Lord by writing down what He dictated to her through the inner word on a daily basis. She heard the words very clearly in her heart, - like He did to many others of His servants and handmaiden before since the crucifixion, - and wrote them   faithfully down.  

The volume of 9000 German revelations was pre-announced by God in 1939, of which some 1100 have been translated into English by the fall of 2007.  

Much more godly truth is given to us according to His promises in the New Testament. An enormous valuable spiritual treasure. It is up to each individual to discover and proof the many teachings   that Jesus reveals to us in our days of the End, but as mentioned by Him, only very, very few will recognize His word because of the spiritual decline on earth. Revelations that were not intended to reveal to the world before the very near end and which are now revealed in a very clear way to us.

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